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Ebéniste, menuisier

Philippe Mathieu is a wine enthusiast and master cabinet maker with 35 years' experience. His team shares his uncompromising approach to quality woodcraft and thorough understanding of period styles. They're equally at ease with fifteenth century woodwork and contemporary design, and in using a time-honoured recessing plane or programming a five-spindle machining centre.
« I enjoy closely observing the places we’ll be working at, and coming up with layouts that match the personalities of the people there, and their working environments. I love wood (and certain other materials too), and I love the design process. Each project is a world in itself. The quality, the purity of form, will be apparent, along with a sense of daring in many instances. Unapparent but essential will be the underlying technical solutions. »
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8, route de Tavel • 30131 Pujaut • France •  T. 04 90 26 48 52 / M. 06 09 09 41 65 • contact@philippemathieu.com