idWine Accessoires

idWine Accessories was born from Philippe Mathieu's unique capacity to study and understand the expectations of wine professionals and wine lovers.
  • This line of quality cellar accessories instils the craftsman's artistic presence into otherwise ordinary implements.
  • The humble tasting spittoon becomes a fine-art object, available in a choice of standard models or custom-designed, in conical or hourglass shapes, with integrated peripheral rinse or swan-neck taps, for use at standing or seated tasting stations, etc.

idWine accessories use various materials (stainless steel, glass, quality plastics, etc.), in classic or original finishes such as high-gloss polish. Stainless steel is used with glass, for luminance, or with wood, for warmth, with total respect for the wine, of course.



idWine Accessories enhance cellar functionality and aesthetics by adding smart, ingenious detail. These are professional implements, made with a jeweller's precision, that combine technical and visual excellence.


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