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Timber traceability



All the woods we use for wine facilities are of native species and untreated. The vast majority have PEFC sustainable forestry certification. 
For more information on PEFC certification: see website

We do not use imported woods for our cellar projects, because of the lack of reliable background information on most imported tropical timber. (Much imported wood is treated upon felling, and it is impossible to have full control over the process).
 Our requirements on quality, origin and traceability are the same as for the manufacture of the wine barrels themselves.
All woods selected for use in cellar projects are analysed by an independent laboratory.


Tests are performed to detect the following molecules:
PCP: Pentachhlorophénol 
TECP: Tetrachlorophénol 
TBP: Tetrabromobiphénol

Finishing products

Vernis, teintes, lasures, peintures ... Vernis, meurt, peintures, etc.
produits avec l'étiquette Zone verte de laboratoires:
EXCELL, see website
VECT'OEUR,  see website
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