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We specialize in design, construction and fitting of wine cellars, tasting areas, wine tourism centres,
oenology laboratories, focus group facilities, etc.

construction and fitting


  • Design and production of 2D and photorealistic 3D drawings
  • Custom designs matched to each individual project
  • Emphasis on aesthetics, with elegant, contemporary styling
  • Quality materials, with full traceability
  • Ergonomic design
  • Furniture and fittings made to measure, in any dimensions
  • Line of standard accessoriesTo go with the fittings, Philippe Mathieu has also developed his own line of wine-tasting accessories (stainless steel spittoons, glass holders, shelves, etc).

More information on idWine Accessories



Wine cellar

Construction and fitting of doors, gates, windows, shutters, stairways, etc. 


Insulated ceilings (in keeping with both aesthetics and technical requirements), parquets, vat room gratings, barrel supports, bottle boxes, shelving for vintage selections, laboratory fittings, etc.

Large-scale projects

• Large gates (with insulation if required, consistent with overall project aesthetics)
• Cellar doors, service doors, entrances

Wine sale areas: cellars, shops, wine tourism centres, etc.

Construction and fitting of reception and tasting counters, bottle display units, crates, boxes, shelving, etc.

• Conference table
• Tasting table
• Floors: parquet, etc.
• Panelling

All treatment products meet class-2 requirements on surfaces in contact with foodstuffs

Reproduction and restauration


  • Reedition of exterior woodwork from fifteenth to nineteenth century
  • Identical reproduction of existing woodwork (style, mouldings, fittings, etc.) 
  • Restauration on interior and exterior woodwork (panelling, doors, shutters, windows, parquets, ceilings, etc.)
  • Renovation of woodwork (all styles, all conditions), re-edition of old woodwork, identical reproduction of existing woodwork (style, mouldings, fittings, hinges, locks, etc.)
  • Private cellars: layout for optimum storage, shelving, tasting tables, spittoons, glass holders, etc.


Process for your project

  • We come and visit the site.
  • You talk us through the project and we ask questions. 
  • We carry out an initial study, based on your requirements.
  • We take precision measurements using a Leica 3D scanner.
  • We put together a file in DWG, DXF or PDF format, available for use by other companies working at the site.
  • We put together a detailed design study, with 2D and photorealistic rendered 3D drawings, along with a cost estimate.
  • We discuss the study with you, and make adjustments if required.
  • We can work either independently or with your architect.

Upon acceptance of our study and estimate

  • We provide all drawings, in A4, A3, A0 format or as a DWG file.
  • We can send you a 3D project file enabling you to examine the project in great detail. (We'll send you a link for installing the driver on your computer.)
  • We make the items in our workshop then come and fit them at your site.


Châteaux & Domaines, wine-grower associations, wine trading outlets, cooperatives, hotels, restaurants, cookery workshops, wine shops, wine bars, etc.


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